In our art studio which is located in the picturesque village of Zebegény, we give painting courses and creative workshops  to children and adults. Instead of emphasizing the importance of self-expression, our primary aim is the recognition and acquirement of the expressive tools of organic literacy. Our visual language is based on  the ancient roots of Hungarian heritage: throughout our courses, every participant can learn and enrich the creative secrets of this  living heritage.

During the courses, the students acquire the various techniques of linocut, ink  drawing, aquarelle and tempera. In order to provide a complex training, we complete the courses with a basic knowledge of bindery and  the planking of different objects and puppets. Learning  cultural and art history is of great importance in our art studio, with a great emphasis on Hungarian art history and folk tradition.

Our house, the Szepessy Cottage once belonged to Amrita Sher-Gil, a Hungarian-Indian painter and her family, who used to spend their summer vacations in Zebegény. During Amrita’s studies in Paris, between 1929 and 1934, her uncle, Ervin Baktay often spent his holidays in the cottage.
In the 50s, the cottage and the garden was commandeered/ secularized and was transformed into a socialist holiday camp. Ever since we moved into the cottage, we have been trying to restore its original dignity and glamour and form the house and its surroundings into a place of creation and an inspiring location of adult painting courses and children’s art studio.

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